Video: NOAA Green Vegetation on Earth


NOAA has produced a great video illustrating the vegetation index on earth. The NASA/NOAA Suomi NPP Satellite detects the differences in greenness from space.  The video exhibits how the earth’s vegetation changes over a 12 month period. Voice narration explains everything in a very clear manner.

InfoGraphic – Edtech Cheat Sheet


Below you will find an InfoGraphic that includes terminology and brief definitions of concepts related to the #edtech field of education. Educational technology can encompass many things, and generally speaking those not familiar with technology integration often think educational technology is the use of computers in education. 

InfoGraphic – Preparing Students for Online Courses

prepare for online courses

I love teaching online. I myself have completed entire degrees 100% online (95% of my Doctoral degree also).  There are things that both the educator and student must understand before attempting to complete a course online. 

The Math Dude – Math Tips for Students

The Math Dude

I came across a blog today that I believe will help students and parents out. The Math Dude hosted on Quick and Dirty Tips is a site that has audio and text tutorials on all types of math problems and topics.

Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur Video Released (1994)

steve jobs 1994

Today I heard there was a new video released of Steve Jobs being interviewed back in 1994. Naturally I had to check this out as I am a huge fan of Jobs and his lifetime of work.

MapCalculator – iOS App to Measure Distance and Area on Maps

MapCalculator App

MapCalculator is a new iOS App for iPhone and iPad that allows users to measure the distance and area on a map. Often when users look at a Map on an App, you get an idea of how far you will need to go, some apps tell you the distance across town in miles. Often, users need [...]

NCLEX – iOS App Prepares You for the NCLEX Exam


NCLEX by Ion Citadel is an iOS App that helps students prepare for the NCLEX exam. This App helps those that wish to pass the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Exams. At the time this post was written, the App is free to download but does have a pay option to unlock even more content.

Introducing NASA’s Astronaut Candidate Class of 2013

NASA logo

NASA has publicly announced the 2013 Astronaut class. Eight individuals were carefully selected from more than 6,100 applicants. Training for this class will center on low earth orbits, missions to Mars, and asteroids. 

SLOOH – Space Camera App to Teach About Space

SLOOH app for ipad

SLOOH is an iPad App that allows users to view images from space through robotic space cameras.  The images displayed are accurate in reference to your location and time. SLOOH offers free, live shows of space weekly. Users may see solar flares, asteroids, eclipses, planets and much more. 

Infographic: Getting Retweets on Twitter

Getting Retweets

Have you ever looked at your Twitter stats and wondered why no one is retweeting you? Well, according to Quick Sprout, there is an Art to getting Retweets. Basically it comes down to you simply keeping your post on topic, including a link, leaving room for the “RT & username, and posting at the correct [...]

Evernote Introduces Reminders

Evernote Logo

Evernote is an awesome productivity tool that anyone can use to help organize their work for both personal and professional tasks. Evernote has added a new feature this week in Alarms. This new feature includes both email and in-app alarms, pinning notes, and quick to-do lists. Just like the other features in Evernote, your alarms [...]

InfoGraphic: TMI Shared on Social Networks?

safety risks of social networks

I love social media. I think it can do so many positive things in relation to individual learning and developing a PLN (Personal Learning Network).  I also hear horror stories of those that put too much personal information on a social network only to have something go wrong. In general, if you follow basic safety [...]

Taking An Anatomy and Physiology Online Course

human anatomy and physiology

Anatomy and Physiology also known as A&P, is a class that covers various areas within chemistry and the human body systems. A&P educates one on how the various systems within the human body work together providing a very extensive overview of what the human body is capable of performing. A&P covers the structural organization of [...]

What is A Paralegal?

what is a paralegal

A paralegal is considered to be support staff for lawyers. The terms paralegal, legal assistant, and legal secretary are often used interchangeably. The field today likes to separate these terms as “Paralegal” is often referred to those that are certified through an educational program or certificate program.

Online Paralegal Programs

what is a paralegal

There are numerous ways to become a Paralegal. Most often, the path to becoming a certified Paralegal is to obtain an Associate’s Degree in this field of study.